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amandamarief (Over 1 year ago)
Not exactly related to the program itself... Digital photography brought new heights to the world of photography.  Now many people display their photographs on digital photo frames instead of printing them to put in regular picture frames... As a work of art, something should be made to display these "pictures" so they can be viewed as art as the detailed "pictures" they are....   We already have "animated" picture frames of still-life photos - why not something for these?  Besides this being a cool tool to use on the internet, it would be neat to be able to share in everyday things like digital pictures now are and printed pictures have been for a long time.  I have always had the "curse" of taking too many pictures of really cool places or things - now instead of having to sort through to pick the best angles or composition, I can combine them all to make the picture even better... As photography is an art, there should be another way to display these...
Fred_Oxford (Over 1 year ago)
I agree with Amanda - however given the antiquated technology of even the best digital picture frames...this might be a long way off...
bitplane (Over 1 year ago)
I can think of two ways to make this possible-
For photo frames, allow MP4/MOV/WMV export, which could be transfered to a photo frame's memory card.
For televisions, an Xbox 360 client or build the technology directly into Microsoft Media Center