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Topic: Photosynth mobile client

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jamiet (Over 1 year ago)
[This one is probably self-explanatory from the subject.]
I don't carry my point-and-shoot with me everywhere I go but I *do* carry my phone with me and it has a 5MP camera on it - more than suitable for shooting shots of the quality required for synths.
I'd love to be able to build synths on my phone from the photos stored on there and upload them directly to the photosynth service. Moreover, I'd love to do it on a Windows Phone 7 series :)

Any plans around a mobile client for Photosynth?

michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
iSynth is a Photosynth VIEWER for iPhones.  I doubt a builder is in the works, altough down the line I can see the value of it.

I would love to see an Android-based synth viewer, perhaps a general port of Silverlight?  Or maybe just a simple viewer?  Whatever it takes. ;)
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