Topic: Porting to Windows Phone 7

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ner1808 (Over 1 year ago)
When are you guys going to port to the Windows Phone 7 platform. I would assume this would be not as hard as getting it on iSO as it's already a silverlight platform?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, ner1808, 

I'm only your fellow Photosynth user, however here's a few facts for you. 

1:: The Photosynth team doesn't announce release dates in advance, even for features which they have announced they're working on or have demoed in public. They never have and so far there aren't any exceptions to that. So that means likely there will be no official reply to your request for a date or timeframe when this will hit the Marketplace.

2:: The good news is that once you actually start looking around the internet you'll find that they've actually said quite clearly that work on the Windows Phone version of the app is underway. I track their statements and community requests for their statements here: I also made a Word doc with all of the team's quotes about the Windows Phone version that I know of here:!2269 (which is a little easier to read).
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
In regards to Silverlight, yes it would likely be a piece of cake to port the photosynth and panorama viewers ported, however ideally a phone app would use the GPU to speed up the graphics to closer to the original Direct3D photosynth viewer and the HDView panorama viewer for ICE panos.

The mobile app, however, does more than view panoramas - it also captures them (as you may well be aware). I am not entirely sure that Silverlight is fast enough to do the live feature extraction from the video feed in order to track the video against the already captured shots as well as move the already captured portions of the pano around in realtime at a decent framerate. I may be wrong about Silverlight's speed, but I have heard Photosynth team members mention 'native code' when they talk about Windows Phone, whereas Silverlight uses managed code.