Topic: Notification of 'stuff'

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Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
It'd be nice to get some kind of flag within the website that a topic in the forum has been added to, or if my created/fave synth has been commented/used on the front page.

This could be as a note when logging in; or an email; or facebook/twitter/generic whatnot update (with opt out option. of course!)

Maybe a page where I could choose to opt in/out of emails depending on what level of notification I want, for example if I want to know every comment that gets added to certain favourites; if I want to know if photographer so an so uploads any new public synths and so on.

Not much urgency behind this suggestion, I'm just always impatient for more people to get involved!

I'm guessing that your dev to-do list is huger than huge, but getting a bit of extra buy-in and public involvement could = more advocates = more people involved = more synths to browse = more people involved = repeat (maths never was my strong point tho')
Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the request. This is in fact high on our list and hopefully should be out in the next few months. You're right our list is huge, but we desperately need some better communication tools.