Topic: Photo Sequence

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TomPhilo (Over 1 year ago)
A two dimensional synth seems to work great, but a true 3d walkaround the synth system break down. This is not due to lack of number of images, but due to inability of the software to see that the item is three dimensions and stitch all the photos correctly. In the help page you should imform people that they have to renumber and sequence the images manually to ensure one photo always overlaps another regardless of the sequence you took them in or else it will break a single synth into 5 or more diffferent ones since it does not really understand a walkaround concept. I uploaded 112 images of a tank and ensured lots of overlap, yet it broke it down into 8 different synths. Each "side" worked fine, but it did not recognize that the two "sides" are of the same object.
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)

A full 360 walkaround is quite possible and there are lots of great examples of them on the site.  I didn't go all the way around the stone, but did capture a pretty solid walkaround in this synth:

You shouldn't need to renumber any images or mess with the sequences.  All you should need is lots of overlapping images every 10 degrees or so.  Not sure if you're talking about your tank synth, but the little groups that didn't synth in don't have any closely matching images... why they got pushed out of the main synth.

If you could try again with more overlapping synths at smaller angles I think you'll get a good result.