Topic: Photosynth activity on Windows Live Home page

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jamiet (Over 1 year ago)
The new activity area is cool but I'd like to see that same activity appear at alongside all of my other web activity that appears there.

Please could you get together with the Windows Live team and make that happen.

veryoldtimephoto (Over 1 year ago)
One great idea four windows live home page.
XgenX (Over 1 year ago)
I would like this too especially if it had a little screen clip of your synth. But wouldn't that require everyone who visits your page to have the synth viewer installed? I guess not if they hosted a seperate jpg image of the synth and made it a hyperlink to your synth page.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Well as long as we've got Facebook integration at the top of the topic list here, I guess I'd say that Windows Live users will likely feel a bit cheated if they don't see a Photosynth Web Activity and a way to finally have the embed code for Photosynth work on their WL Profile and Space.

You've got all the neccesary feeds to surface up my newly published synths, comments, etc. For the web activity and surely it's not too great a feat to get their team to respect your iframe.