Topic: Finding your own synths!

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hunterway (Over 1 year ago)
Now wouldn't it be a great idea (or just plain common sense) if there was an option to view your own synths easily from the menu?

I downloaded Photosynth a couple of hours ago, did a synth of my back garden to try Photosynth out, created and uploaded it, clicked the View button - nothing. Looked for it on the web site - nothing! And with no option to see the synths that are related to my account, I appear to have lost it forever.
hunterway (Over 1 year ago)
Oops! Now found that it takes a little time for synths to appear and that clicking your user name shows your own synths
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
:) Hi, Hunterway. Your synth should actually be viewable the very second that the progress bar is completely full in the synther. 

It's strange that the 'View' button that appears next to the name of your synth in the synther when it is finished didn't pop up a browser for you. It opens my default browser on the right synth every time...

In any case, I'm happy to hear you figured it out. I'm somewhat surprised sometimes by how many people don't think to click on/search for their own username to see their synths.