Topic: Copy Right

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OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
Could we have a feature to change the copy right of a Synth please.
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the response Nathanael. I checked out on your links. I do not trust the GetSatisfaction site to login with my Live ID. I also noticed that I posted this request before. Sorry for that. I understand the issue with notifying others who are using the Synth if licence becomes more restrictive. Well I hope that some day the team will be able to find and realize a solotion for licence change.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
=) Well to each their own. The Get Satisfaction Live Labs profile was, in fact, the official Photosynth forum for the first seven months, so if the Photosynth team trusts them, then so do I. 

It's also worth pointing out that there's no particular reason why you have to join GetSat with your WLID... there's no particular bonus or connection with your Photosynth account if you do... just a convenience to you, if you prefer that option, and the sign-in form (if you do choose the WLID option) is made by the Windows Live ID folks themselves, so I just don't have an issue with it. 

The .NET Passport (which was later renamed to  Window Live ID) was originally designed by Microsoft to be your one login across the web (just as Facebook Connect is actually succeeding at more than anyone before them) so it isn't as though GetSat is doing something with your WLID that isn't intended by the WLID team.

...Regardless, you're just not comfortable with it. To each their own.