Topic: Annotations and Zoomed Highlights

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Fracture (Over 1 year ago)
I'd like to save annotated highlights that may or may not be zoomed in. I'd also like to be able to have optional regions marked with comments. Similar to Flickr image notes (but, hopefully, better). 

For example, I have a city panorama from atop a tall tower ( It would be neat to be able to tag noteworthy buildings in a way that would include the zoom level, or to have 'pins' or 'speech bubbles', at the viewer's option, pop up as you pan around.

This could be expanded to include off-site content, such as a link to a relevant article on Wiki, or a video on YouTube. Others have suggested integrated video. That would be fantastic, even if you have to manually overlay it on a particular frame of the Photosynth.
harald182 (Over 1 year ago)
i think they're definitely working on that.
have a look at this...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
@Fracture: You're right on track again, as far as I'm concerned. I love highlights, but I, too, was hoping that they would be able to be added on different parts of specific images, rather than simply linking to the whole image.

I know that I would much appreciate a longer space to type information for such detailed highlights and being able to insert links to external sites would be a huge plus. I know that the main concerns are that spammers would begin linking people to whatever spammers link people to and that people would ramble on too lengthily, but I think that making honest users suffer in order to avoid people who misuse things from spamming Photosynth is not the right direction.

As far as placement, I'd like to see a panel extend below the bottom of the viewer for any/all annotations with the borders of the highlight simply snapping to the borders of the viewer, leaving the image unobstructed. This would also solve the slowdown from text atop images.
Fracture (Over 1 year ago)
@Nathanael: Yes, trolls and spammers are always an issue. I agree that you don't let that drive your feature set. 

Things like "rel=nofollow" for links, linking to specific popular sites only, karma-score concepts (a la Digg/Slashdot), ignore and blocking options, "pro" accounts, friend communities (a la Facebook) can all be layered on top as a produce evolves.

The best of these concepts allow two things: communities, and community policing. One community might appreciate a particular form of trolling while another would karma you down to non-existence... but there is a place for everyone.
@Fracture: Re region tagging/highlights: When we introduced highights a few months ago, we were trying hard to include exactly the capability you're asking for. We completely agree that this is an important capability we need to add. It's very much still on our list. can't promise when we'll get back to it, but it's important!