Topic: Photosynth service layer?

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GoDFaDDa42 (Over 1 year ago)
I'm interested in exposing the Photosynth experience through to users of my mobile app.  Ideally, they would take photos in the app, and either the app would directly upload them to photosynth, or the app would upload them to my server which would process/send them to the photosynth site.  The Photosynth site would feed me back a link that could be presented to the user for sharing, or even better allow me to launch an embeddable viewer or the Photosynth app directly on the mobile device.  

Further, it would be great to host the Photosynth service myself, so I could essentially have a "private" photosynth community for my app's users.

It looks like none of this is possible today - you have to go through the mobile apps or desktop app to; there is no exposed service layer on photosynth or hostable component.  Is that correct?  Is this planned for the future?