Topic: A criticism of the 2010 March 18 placement of the comments on a synth...

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
First off, let me say that I'm all for a good fresh layout and I'm very much appreciating the little refinements throughout the site.

That being said, I'm slightly concerned that the comments on a synth occupy such a small area that they nearly disappear. 

Having related synths' thumbnails be so central and having the comments about the current synth be to the right of them very nearly invites new users to think that the comments are something to do with the 'Related Synths' thumbs, rather than their own synth.

I understand that having three equivalent divisions below the synth fairly much demands that the most visually arresting section occupy the middle section (and the thumbs are most certainly dominant), but I'm not as sold on a tall narrow tower of comments on the right side of the page as I'd like to be.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
I notice a lot of changes, including the comments.  In essence, on, the comments have become secondary to the synth itself, whereas in the past they held a much more prominent position.

I politely disagree with you that the change is bad.  I am *very impressed* with the new format.  While the comments are important, my sense is that they are rightfully secondary.

The community, yourself especially, Nathanael, have used comments extensively and for the greater good of the software and the community, the general Photosynth has very few comments, and therefore little play.  Even the most viewed synths on have only a few comments.  The Photo360 challenge has changed that for a few synths over the last week, the fact that the Photo360 project has taken over the most viewed, favored, and commmented upon "Nice and Synthy" over the last 30 days section demonstrates how underused these features are.

It's good to discuss, I'll come back later.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Well... my complaint wasn't that comments were secondary to the synth. The synth should absolutely be the star of the page and what I wrote above should be tempered by what I wrote over a week ago here:

specifically, "I think my favorite part is that the synths seem to be given a much more cinema-like status at the top of the page...", so it isn't anything to do with the browser-wide synth viewer. 

Honestly, the old layout was only following in the footsteps of what other wildly successful media websites have been doing - from flickr to youtube.

I agree that comments and favorites are underused but I don't think that sidelining comments really solves that.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I think that the reason that flickr, youtube, etc. are successful *is* their communities and the feedback. I love the synth viewer in its new position and size but the related synths are just sidelining the description, stats, and comments a little too much for my liking at the moment.

It's worth noting that the current grid of related synths is fairly much the same width as the map thumbnail on geotagged synths. I know that the current layout tries to make people aware of the description, related synths, and comments all at the same time so that no feature is overlooked, but I'm just not satisfied yet.

All of that being said, I don't have a concrete solution so far, so it's just a matter of "not this" at this point which isn't so constructive. I'll keep thinking on it.