Topic: navigating a synth

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harald182 (Over 1 year ago)
i know you'r working on that cause sometimes it's hard to navigate through large synths. one thing i'd like to do when changing a point of view or photo in a synth is to fly to a different location in point clout view using the keyboard and then to be able to click on photos (frames) in front of my new perspective (or have a subselection of photos corresponding to my new point of view or some highlights if available)and reveal them by pressing P again. cause in the current viewer at least in the you get to a photo nearby your previous location when your clicking into any area at the new location.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I'd definitely like to see this as well, guys. I'm sure that means loading up more quads, but whatever technical work has to be done to make it happen should be bumped up fairly high on the priority list.
ZInventor (Over 1 year ago)
it would be really nice to be able to move and turn in the environment without snapping to the center each time you turn...

mabe use a second-life style interface
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
ZInventor, have you found the 'free navigation' keyboard shortcuts? 

They can be found at the end of the Photosynth Photography Guide, available as a PDF or XPS at the bottom of the page here:

In a synth with a good point cloud this works quite well to move about without snapping back to the nearest photo.
dkso2000 (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth is a nice piece of technology, but i have a tough time navigating any synth.

When I navigate through any synth collection, it always moves user's view point to adjust to any 
new photo.   It makes it extremely dizzy to explore the synth photo collection.  Please do not 
change the user's viewpoint, unless user decides to make one step forward (e.g.), then you adjust 
the surrounding photos to the new user's view point.   In no time should the photo's original 
viewpoint be used.

The navigation interface should be adjusted if you really want Photosynth to be popular among the 
average users.  Think of it like the experience of a 3D first person shooter game.  User controls
his/her own location so the views adjust accordingly.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Ah... dkso2000, changing the user's point of view to the photo that they are currently looking at is probably the coolest part of Photosynth and also absolutely necessary. 

If you keep your position the same and then display other photos, without moving your position to face them, they will just look wrong (looking at them from the side, etc.).

Moving in a 3D game is completely (completely) different because you have a 100% complete model of the entire level which the computer can view from any angle at any time. Photosynth is moving in this direction and it is quite possible to create a pointcloud model of an entire structure which you *can* walk around from any angle. 
e.g. (Press [P] to turn off photos and use [W][A][S][D][E][C][{][L][:]["] to move and turn about.)

The problem in the past is that the viewer doesn't know where the ground is but that may be changing with yesterday's update.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Don't think that I'm totally against what you're saying, though. I have actually thought of the same thing as far as, "Let me just walk through the pointcloud and let Photosynth turn on the photos as I face them.", so we both completely agree about the goodness of that. The real problem there (and I suspect this is the reason why the Photosynth guys haven't used that approach) is that there are so many positions to walk to and even in a synth with over 1000 photos (if it covers a lot of ground) there is quite a lot of space between photos where you would never be facing a photo and it could prove quite challenging (and frustrating) to find a photo to face.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Certainly something like what Harald182 suggested would need to be in play where the maximum number of quads (I don't know what the number is, but let's say 20) surrounds your current position in the pointcloud (or possibly fills your current field of view which would be good for being able to see photos far into the distance, although that wouldn't make such good controls for as far as knowing there were photos behind you). 

I think, too, that some sort of leniency would have to come into play as far as facing the photo to have it turn on, in my model. Yours seems to be more of the opinion that whatever photos are within the field of view should always be on, but this would make for a) a large number of quads at once that might degrade performance too much as well as b) ugly mess.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The way that light travels and the way that things change in relation to each other as you move around them makes it impossible to line up every feature that is present in two photos without distorting them both. Even in its current state people complain about Photosynth not lining photos up at the edges right, but they don't seem to understand what that would involve. 

A photo is the light that was captured at a particular point in space. It will not look right from any other point in space than the one that it is from. Even our eyes do not line everything up that both of them see at the same time. If you hold your hand in front of you at arm's length and look at it you can notice that whatever is farther away beyond your hand is not lined up and if you look into the distance your two eyes' sight of your hand will no longer be lined up, so expecting Photosynth to do this is not reasonable. This problem will only worsen if all the photos in front of you are on.