Topic: Need a DIY feature

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joeseven (Over 1 year ago)
This site would benefit from having a place where inventions, rigs, props, aids, etc. can be shared.  For example, I just made a turntable where the camera moves around an object.  My first try with a lazy susan was 44% synthy and didn't do so hot; I made a jig and shot two projects: one came out 100% synthy and the other 98% - and both projects view well.  I have full step-by-step instructions with still photos but no place to post it.  I assume others have rigged helpful devices to assist with photosynthing - and would share their "invention."
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, JoeSeven, 

The closest thing to what you're asking for is here on the forum: 
Advice and Critiques: would be an ideal showcase for a DIY thread where others could post their ideas or link to larger descriptions or examples of what can be achieved with their work.

A few years ago a previous Photosynth user like us, Jim Cseke posted a synth of his device that did what yours does. He has since deleted his account and synths, but he posted the link to his synth in the Lounge forum: