Topic: Path tracing in place of the pushpin for geotagging 'path' synths

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
So, geo-alignment does a good job of addressing the limitations of the geotag pushpin (or it will once we are able to see others' synths aligned on maps), but I've tried several 'path' type synths before, some of them fairly long, and to drop a pushpin in the middle of the traversed path on the map doesn't feel like what I want. It would be useful for those specific synths, to be able to draw the path taken when photographing the synth to denote the ground that it covers.

I tried walking a circuit around several entire city blocks this past spring and although I didn't get enough coverage to hold it all together, it did raise the issue for me, "Where do I geotag this thing? Do I put the geotag where the beginning of the walk was (assuming 100% synthy and setting the synth to filename order for the slideshow) or do I put the pushpin in the centre of the rectangular path (but at a location that I never actually walked)?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Perhaps anywhere along the path is good enough, but I would love to see slightly better tools for those who love this sort of synth.

My interest mainly lies in generating big pointclouds, which 'paths' synths are not so great at, but I think that it's probably a very important form of synth for someone, and they should have appropriate tools to mark where their synth takes place on the map.