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DublinGal (Over 1 year ago)
How cool would it be to add audio to each image. I have a pair of binaural microphones and it would be cool to be able to hear sounds from a particular place.
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
That would make for an interesting experience... although if exploring quickly through a synth could make for quite a crazy experience.  Adding audio to a synth has been mentioned before in different ways, hadn't thought much of auido per image though.
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
Maybe a binaural setup isn't neccessary.  If you could attach audio to a few photos, then in the viewing experience Photosynth could reconstruct the audio as if the sound is coming from that photo, so as you move closer to it it gets louder.  It could also do some binaural positioning of the sounds.

Is that the sort of thing you are thinking of?  How about narration?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Loading ambient noise from each photo and playing them all back simultaneously with dynamic spatial arrangement is an incredibly interesting take on the audio dream, although that would require that they all loop well to make for a decent experience.

My thoughts had always been more along the line of a single audio comment for specific photos... an extension of the current Feature system or, on the other hand, a guided audio tour, more akin to Worldwide Telescope or Photo Story 3, but I like the above suggestion very much as well.

Darius, being that it still takes Seadragon a bit of time on the average broadband connection to load in the photo, I don't know that the audio experience would be all that disjointed when whipping through a synth. Presubably all the image tiles for the current view would need to be downloaded before pulling down the audio, in the case of one audio clip at a time.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Some sort of control over the timing of when a narration on a photo began would make for a better authoring story as well. You could then have people choose to delay commentary a given amount of time after the current view loads. In that sense, it would be much more organic and you could determine a natural rhythm and sense of personality, rather than having someone blurt out commentary the instant that you arrive at a new photo.

This whole topic sparks something that's been on my mind for a while as well. It's been mentioned long ago that it would be interesting to provide audience members to construct their own tour of our synths. A subset of this is feedback on specific photos or even specific parts of photos, whether that be in text or audio form. A common explanation for Photosynth is '3D Photo Album'. It seems to me, then, that the community comments should follow the photos into 3D, rather than being pinned far away in a list below the group of photos.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
*...provide audience members A WAY to construct their own...*

Also, on the delayed audio cue train-of-thought, you would enable curious creations akin to hidden tracks on the end of a CD which have great potential for surprising audence members. :)
JoanaLeao (Over 1 year ago)
Hi this is DublinGal, having problems signing in......anyway, I think the use of audio in any way would really enhance the experience. Like some of you mentioned, even some narration. I'm thinking of how I could include some audio so I might just make several synths and embed seperate audio files into each html page so there can be different audio from different views etc. Don't know if I'm making sense!!