Topic: Improvements for the forums

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Yes, I know that there are plans to improve the forum, but among my top requests (and not necessarily in the following order) are:

:: An 'Edit' feature (for all those typos I find after I post)
:: A longer limit than 1000 characters (really)
:: A way to insert a long hideous URL inside a short sweet phrase
:: Timestamps (you could follow the model, displaying short friendly estimates but using tooltips to display the actual date and time)
:: A way to link to specific entries on the site, be it comments in a thread on the forum or comments on a synth, etc.

I consider these to be absolutely essential. As others have suggested here: ( ) forum search would be very welcome as well, but I can use web search to find things while we wait for that feature to be implemented. The above features have no substitute.
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
I second all of these.  An edit feature is seriously handy.  And I don't know how many messages I've split up with (more) stuck at the end of each installment because of the 1k character limit.

I'd also vote for the forum search, though, because search engines aren't always current.  But they do constitute an alternative approach, as Nathaniel pointed out.