Topic: Can you put a panorama on MLS?

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daphra (Over 1 year ago)
I wonder if anyone has succeeded in putting panoramas on the real estate Multiple Listing Service. My agent tells me that I can include a URL but it must be unbranded meaning it can only contain a video/photos of the property & no other information.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Daphra, here are a couple of related discussions:

You can obtain embed code for any panorama or photosynth by clicking the 'Embed' link below the viewer. Any website that allows you to post an HTML iframe will accept embedded photosynths and panoramas. 

If MLSes do not allow you to post iframes and only allow links, then note that the embed page is simply another template page on Photosynth's site and by linking to it, it will fill people's browser window with a small unobtrusive Photosynth logo in the upper left corner. 

As an example, I will demonstrate the difference between normal view links and embed links with your panorama.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Your default view link for your panorama:

The embed *link* for minimal branding if MLSes don't allow iframes:
Notice that this link requires the panorama to be clicked once before loading, by default. 

The embed *link* with an added parameter on the end to make it load automatically without a manual click after the page loads:
Note that on the second link, delayLoad=true is implied.

If we add another switch, we can have the animation/slideshow automatically start playing without the user needing to manually click the [Play] button:
Note that in the above links where not specified slideShowPlaying=false is implied.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Also, in that last link, because your panorama has fewer than four highlights, the animation is a simple pan around the room. 

In a panorama with a minimum of four highlights, the viewer will swing around to the different highlights, which is a nicer presentation. 
Here are more details on that:

Here is a simple demo of two panos with more highlights with slide show auto playing through the highlights:

A demonstration of the four possible combination of auto loading and auto playing with embedded panos:

Note that you can customize the height and width of the viewer as well.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One thing that I should mention is that if you wish your name to be credited next to the photo license is that you will need to add your name to the 'Author' metadata before putting your images into ICE. There is no way to edit this, once a panorama is uploaded. 

Also, for panoramas, the 'Author' field must be filled in identically in all of the input photos for the name to appear. (Photosynths allow a different author per photo because they do not merge photos, but simply arrange them.)

If you do this, people will see your name in the lower left corner of the panorama viewer, wherever your panorama is viewed, which may be good for you if you intend to use as a professional tool.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
These last two tips are not relevant to posting panoramas on an MLS, but useful to know: 

1) You can use the &slideShowPlaying=true on the end of normal 'view' page links too.

2) 'Share' links are a way to send a link to a specific portion/location of your pano/synth.
Full discussion here:

Long story short: Whatever you're looking at when you click 'Share' will give you a link to that zoom level of that photo with that virtual camera position. Your recipient's monitor may be a different aspect ratio than yours, however they will be the same distance from the photo and whatever was centered in your viewer will be centered in theirs.
daphra (Over 1 year ago)
This is wonderful information. Thanks again Nathaniel. I will let you know what MLS does with my link.
daphra (Over 1 year ago)
Another question comes to mind. MLS will only allow me to attach one URL. Is there any way to links several panoramas so that a viewer can move from one to another starting from a single URL?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi again, Daphra, doesn't currently offer what you're asking for in terms of a single page that either embeds multiple panoramas or photosynths on a single page or allows you to link multiple panoramas in a single viewer like photos in a synth. 

Several of the folks who have worked on Photosynth are working on a new project at Bing Maps that is not finished yet, called Read/Write World which will allow for the spatial linking together of panoramas, much like Photosynth's app for Windows spatially links traditional photos. 

The project is called Read/Write World and runs on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform. You can learn more about it via the talks I've gathered at 

Something to note on the Photosynth weblog is that the Photosynth team just recently completed the move of all Photosynth's data from a third party hosting company to Windows Azure, so I am hoping to see some new features later this year.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As to what you can do on your own, though, you might be interested to see what some of our peers in the Photosynth community have done on their websites. 

Here are a few pages where more than one photosynth or panorama is embedded. 

Ariel Dolan's examples are good because the show off the ability for the page to be completely taken up by the embedded panos and synths and they also show off changing the width and height creatively.

xRez Studio's weblog entry about their work with a National Geographic shoot also shows off three embeds, but surround it with other content, which is not what you need for the MLS.

Similarly, Stargate Universe made their own page where you can select from a list of synths:

I'm guessing that you were envisioning a combination of those approaches.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Looks like I forgot xRez's link.

Also, NASA's website has built a selection menu, similar to Stargate's page.

What you really need is to hire someone who can build you a simple selection menu which will suit your needs - that enables you to paste in the embed code for the panoramas you wish to show together and then lets you arrange them in the order which you want them presented and possibly the layout of the page.