Topic: New Feature Needs

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1. I need the ability to cover the small black holes on the top and bottom of the sphere. I would prefer my logo to go there. Is this something that has been considered.

2. I will eventually need more storage. Is there a plan to offer a pro type account? Or could we store photos on our own servers?

3. Could we change the photosynth logo in the corner to our own logo with a pro type account?

4. Could this pro account even give us the ability to control a lot of background options while giving our company the option for multiple logins for multiple representatives while allowing access to all the pictures in the account for higher security levels.

5. Could a pro account even be created to allow me to incorporate this in to my own site featuring abilities from the photosynth concept. Including building an app that would uses features from the photosynth app and our service combined. (Over 1 year ago)
6. We need a way to incorporate a link into a photosynth from in synth to another. This would be like an uninterrupted tour. Here is an example of that type of concept. These pictures were created using photosynth and then uploaded to this site for processing. NOTICE the logo on the top and bottom of the pic as well as the flashing circles that take you from one synth to another.

7. Could we develop feature shots that would be highlighted in a synth that would allow us to feature different part of a shot with in synth. Example; I am shooting the kitchen of a high end property and we want to feature a still shot of the refrigerator open. In the synth the refrigerator would be closed but then we would have the way to highlight that area of the synth and when clicked on it would bring up a larger still shot of the refrigerator open. Then viewers could hit the X at the top of that box and go back to the synth. (Over 1 year ago)
8. We also need a way to group synths together. For example; if we are shooting a piece of real estate, the synths from that piece of property would work out better if they were in there own folder and then that folder could also have its own URL.

9. Crazy Question Alert! Is there or will there be a white label version of photosynth available or might this be the top level of a PRO account. It would need to have multiple logins with different definable security levels? Would this also allow us to develop an app for our use only using features of the current photosynth and tweaking it for our needs on both the iPhone and Windows Phone app?

I am working on a project that uses this type of panorama consistently and we would like to use photosynth as the way we take these panoramas. We have expermented with a couple different methods and apps and have found photosynth to be the most powerful. Thanks for your help in advance.