Topic: custum stitching of images

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Xajuan (Over 1 year ago)
Nobody like the photographer knows the alignment best. i did a synth of my bed room and nothing match, so maybe it can include custom stitiching just incase the computer missed a link or 2. in my case 20 lol
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
:) You and I think the same way. Unfortunately I get the feeling that the Photosynth team doesn't think that this is a good idea for one reason or another.

The solution is to just learn how to take photos so that Photosynth can't get it wrong. For my suggestions, please visit my synth here:

Also good to read is the Photography Guide on this page:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I just took a look at your synths and I think it would be wrong for me not to tell you... The images that you've used so far are so blurry that photosynth will have a terrible time finding any texture to find to match the photos to each other. 

I can't tell what sort of camera you're using but either get a tripod to hold it still, increase the light in the room, or take longer exposures if you have the option, so long as you don't overexpose the images. Surface detail is the most important information that you can give Photosynth for helping it position the photos correctly and building a model of your subject matter.