Topic: A few suggestions for commercial applicability..

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hassmaschine (Over 1 year ago)
There are a few things I'd love to see in Photosynth.  It's already looking like it will be very useful for our company and we'll probably end up with some commercial licenses.

1. Print single photos or current panorama/group from within the synth.  Now I have to go search through hundreds of photos to find the one I want.  This seems simple enough. 

2. Save point cloud to a CAD compatible format.  I know that getting scale information from photos would be difficult, but it doesn't matter, I could figure that out later.  Being able to import point clouds into a CAD model would be very useful.  Laser scans do something similar, but they are not in color, cost a lot and take months to complete.

3. If scaling a point cloud from photos was possible, being able to measure distances between points would rock.

4. I doubt I'm the first to ask this, but a standalone version for commercial use would be nice.  Most of my photos are under NDA, unlisted works for now
hassmaschine (Over 1 year ago)
5. more than 1000 characters per message in this forum.  what is this, a cell phone? ;)
jeremyrc (Over 1 year ago)
I agree with number 2. Save point cloud to a CAD compatible format.  
Current commercial photogrammetry programs cost ~$2000.00 to do this.
jeremyrc (Over 1 year ago)
Allow for camera calibration for more accurate synths. see