Topic: Embedder and Sound

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DaevFinn (Over 1 year ago)
I have two requests for Photosynth that will allow it to become something that we see more of.   

1)  Allow the synth to export, so I can embed a photosynth that I make into a web page, or so someone else can gran a synth they like and put it in their web page or facebook, wherever.

2)  Give us a place to add and control sound.   I'd like to explore photosynth a little more indepth, and when it comes to building web pages and video artwork sound is a big component.   On that note there could be some sound controls for the creator as well, so that the sound could even change to a different sound track depending on where you navigate to.

thank you

douglas (Over 1 year ago)
  you can already do number 1, on the synth page look at the right hand side for an icon that looks like  you can then copy/paste the iframe HTML into your own page and embed a synth.  As for 2., agreed adding sounds would be a great addition to Photosynth.

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One small caveat is that although the embed code is freely available to all (look for this icon: | to get it), many of the more popular sites out there (such as Wordpress and Facebook, since you mention them) strip almost all html out of users' posts to avoid being hacked. Unfortunately this means that the Photosynth embed code gets cut out when the post is submitted.

That is really something to take up with Facebook, etc., though. Let them know that Photosynth is important to you and you want to use Facebook to share yours with your friends. They made sharing YouTube videos possible and sharing Photosynths should be just as easy.