Topic: How to foot dip into multiple user syth viewing?

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Wally (Over 1 year ago)
The permission/opt in idea is a good one, and the ability for others to email each to say, "hey I got some great shots! you want to share synths?" Another option is if Photosynth checks in the background that other people in the area have compatible 3d-ness for a combined point cloud, Photosynth could put a reminder on that users page that says "Your synth is compatible with others! Do you want to share?"  

Its not all or nothing idea(i'm no programmer, so i dont know), just try a popular area and selectively ask others, maybe based on synth compatibility if they want to join.

This probably is a massive # crunch for Phtosynth and I can see why it hasn't been implemented.

How do display everyone's pictures of times square, you can't show them all! Maybe a Photosynth algorithm based on contrast/sharpness, then start an up vote option to pare the pics down to the best, with an option of the user pics promninent and other users for fill in for transitions.
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Hey Wally,

We'd love to one day support what you're talking about... we're not all that far off.  We know not everyone shoots hundreds of photos of a specific location, but may have one or two they'd like to add in with another synth.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
LookEye (Over 1 year ago)
I think this is a significant variation of Wally's notion:

I was wondering about the ability to invite collaborators to a synth. I looked around and it doesn't seem to have happened yet. It sounds similar to linking two synths of the same thing (Eiffel Tower was the example I read about)and not quite the same as everyone's best shot of Times Square (which would be fascinating - could the New Year's ball drop on the 4th of July?)It seems to me that its a case of modifying security and ownership. I'd be saying, "These people can contribute and can each claim 'Amazing Synth ver1.0' as their own." (And then we'll all get grumpy with each other and never collaborate again - but that won't be Photosynth's fault)
qazster (Over 1 year ago)
any one know how i can use flickr to synth like Blaise showed on the demo . thank you .
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
Flickr based synths don't tend to work as well as the ones generated from user content.  A lot of photos on flickr that are of the same thing are also taken from the same angle.  Photosynth works best when there is a large variety of angles.

To do a Flickr synth, you'll have to write a scraper to query Flickr and download the images.  Make sure that they are all public domain, or that they have CC licences that permit redistribution in the way you plan to use them.