Topic: browsing bing maps for photosynths

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NYCDavid (Over 1 year ago)
This irritates me to no end: when browsing bing maps for photosynths, if you search for a geographic location, it takes you out of photosynth search mode, and just deposits you in regular bing maps, with no geotagged photosynths.  It's such a simple thing, really. I want to enter a city or place into the search bar and see all the photosynths there.  Right now, the only way to find a photosynth from the bing maps interface is to drag the map to the place you're looking for.  This is, of course, extremely tedious.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Agreed, for the most part. 

Using the scrollwheel can help alleviate some of the tedium, but the closing of the map app is very tiresome, no doubt about it. Things were a little better on the site when you could just recheck previously active searches and map apps.

One also wishes that one could search for Photosynth usernames, photographer's names next to the photo licenses, a brand or model of camera, resolution of photos, terms in the title, description, and tags of synths and panos, etc. when using the Photosynth map app.

Another request that has surfaced multiple times is that when you are signed into Bing Maps with your Windows Live ID, you should be able to see your own synths and panos alone on the map, if you so choose - even the unlisted ones and even if you have multiple accounts.