Topic: Organizing my profile

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Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
When I click on my nickname, I would like to see my synths and not the 'recent activity' which doesn't move much.
When I watch my synths, or tell somebody to watch them, I would like to see them ordered by % (so we see the best synths first); and when I explore by nicknames or tags, I would like to see them by % too.

If my wish is not the best for everybody ;-))) the idea is: choosing in the profile which first page, which order for our synths (% or date, or name) which order for every synths

Other ideas about my synths is to be able to read the statistics on one text-page, modifying tags to many of them in one text-page (be sure they all have the same tags if on the same topic), and most important be able to say for one synth if it's a public or private one. 

Thank you for reading and ... supporting!
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
All great suggestions and part of what we have planned to make the community experience here better.  The profile area has a lot of room to grow and more customization for you to show what you prefer is a big part of letting you showcase your work how you want to.

Thank YOU for synthing and supporting!