Topic: Need Help ipod Touch 4th

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c.topculorka (Over 1 year ago)
ı used to photosynth app on my ipod 4th 32 gb but my ipod got a white screen problem now,so when ı connected to itunes ı can't see the photosynth in the apps which ı can do file sharing. how can ı get my files in photosynth ?
ı have just make my account 
ı have not deleted the files
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, c.topculorka,

I'm not from Microsoft, nor do I have an iPod Touch or iPhone, so I'm not too familiar with the white screen of death.
You should probably take your iPod to an Apple store and get help from them with backing up all your data and transferring it to a new device with a working screen.

I don't know if the iPod can still communicate with the computer, but if it can, you could try using to back up your Photosynth app and all of its saved data (the panoramas) so that you can restore them to a new iPod or yours after it has been repaired.

Hopefully this is helpful.
Your fellow synther + panner,