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Topic: Using Creative Commons Licensed Photos

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QuazarGuy (Over 1 year ago)
What would really put Bing on the map is if I could search something like the Eiffel Tower and be offered a photosynth created using Creative Commons and public domain photos. Better yet, it would be pretty handy if I could treat the synth like a gallary and be able to pick out pictures I like and be able to save them. Since it would be a collection of pictures from multiple sources though, a selected picture should probably be cited and could include metadata like time taken. Haha, to add to the wishlist, since there should be such a plethora of images in the public domain, perhaps the synths could even be made seasonal.

I have yet to make my own synth yet, so I'm unsure of the feasability of such an idea. It would be quite tasking for a server to have to generate a new synth each time someone searches something.
QuazarGuy (Over 1 year ago)
Is this not the ultimate goal of photosynth or is it too hard?
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