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Maxime_Paquin (Over 1 year ago)
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Hello all :)

After a few tests, I uploaded my first "real" synth! It is a synth from "Plaza Maria Augustina", a plaza close to where I live in Castellón de la Plana, Spain.

I plan to do a similar thing for every plaza and major locations of the city, what do you guys recommend adding or doing differently? What is cool to see?



swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
¡Qué bueno! Me gustan los detalles. Conozco la ciudad de Valencia, y muchas otras en españa, pero no conozco Castellón de la Plana. ¿De dónde es? Vivo en Florida, pero viajo mucho:)

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swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
HAHA. Just went to ur website n I c u r Québécois! Sorry, my French is VERY minimal. I´m goin to the South of France to visit friends n njoy a big music fest this summer, so I guess I better start studying my French!...
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
Hi swami!
Great idea you learn some french
even better if you could forget your #@&¤µà SMS language! you're the only one to use on a forum ;-)
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)

It's unfortunate that you have chosen such a negative tone and approach. My intent in participating in this forum is to learn and to help others learn, plus to engage in constructive discussions to explore the use and potential of Photosynth. Above all, I meet everybody with respect - even if our views differ. You can count on me to continue to behave in this manner.

Thank you for your consideration.