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synthsing (Over 1 year ago)

We are a group of students that has participated in Photo360, a contest that encourages competitors to take and stitch pictures of Singapore's attraction sites using Photosynth.

This is our first foray into Photosynth and we hope to get your comments and encouragement. We need your votes for the Viewers' Choice Award. Vote for us here (By signing in to your Live acct and clicking on the "Add to Favorite" link below the Synth):

You can join our Facebook group too!

synthsing (Over 1 year ago)
Other than the voting, we would greatly appreciate some comments on how to improve our synth (e.g. how to go about taking the photos such that the synth would turn out better). 

Most of the creation of this synth was by trial and error, but we're sure there is definitely some better way to go about doing it (: