Topic: Ed Loeb Field & Google Maps & Google Earth

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Ed_Brumley (Over 1 year ago)
This is our new high school football field and sports complex.  I would love for this to be featured in Google Maps and Google Earth.  Does anyone know how to submit it, so it will show up? I currently have "regular" photos on that feed to Google, but not sure how to get this on there.
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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Ed, 

Photosynth is a service of Bing Maps. (I do see that your panorama is on Bing Maps.) 

Perhaps because of Bing and Google's rivalry, Google has not taken any steps to pulling any panoramas or photosynths from Photosynth into Google Maps|Earth and neither has Photosynth taken any steps to publish themselves into Google Earth as a layer. 

I am not aware of any reason why a third party couldn't create a Photosynth layer in Google Earth for any geo-tagged and geo-aligned synths and panos, but none have yet. In all likelihood it will be a third party if it ever happens.

From watching what Bing Maps is busy gathering with their Global Ortho Project, Streetside, Bird's Eye View images, etc. and their preliminary showings of their Read/Write World project, I know that 3D is very important to Bing Maps' future, but due to technology shifts in the web industry Bing Maps of 2010 - 2012 is not as rich 3D-wise as they were from 2005 - 2010 as Virtual Earth.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
On a side note, as you can see this forum unfortunately does not allow the posting of HTML code (for example, the Photosynth embed code).

Here's the link to your pano for other people who want to view it easily:

Also good for you to know is that if you want your name to appear next to your panorama's license, you need to open your photos in a photo editor or Windows Explorer|My Computer and edit their 'Author' tags to your name and save the changes before you load them into ICE to stitch into a panorama. 

(For a panorama, the photographer's name should be identical for all of the input photos. You can simply highlight all photos and apply the change to all of them, rather than apply the author to each individual photo. For a photosynth, each photo can have its own author (if that is appropriate) and the name will still display.)