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Topic: Martello Tower, inside n out: Finally

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lostinthetriangle (Over 1 year ago)
Well it took a loooooooong time, and when photosynth allows it I will go back and add some more detail to the Martello Tower (Fort) 
Overall though, I am very happy with the results!(ignore the disjointed, upside down stray photos!)
sorting through over 2500 pictures made my eyes hurt. seemed like the magic number for me is below 1100 pictures, this one came out at 1077 pics
It's a big synth, be sure to go full screen "F" then point cloud "P" let the points load. If you have a fast connection no problem but slower connections will need to wait awhile...........enjoy
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
That is POWERFULLY cool.  When I saw the first shot, I thought, "Ok, and..."  Then I hit "p"...

That must have been some seriously scrupulous work to get everything to synth up that cleanly.  BRAVISSIMO!!

swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
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