Topic: Beatles Fans - 3 Savile Row Synth

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DougKilishek (Over 1 year ago)
Hi everyone, just wanted to share a synth that turned out pretty good. I'm here in London this week on business and had a bit of time yesterday to do some sightseeing. Being a Beatles fanatic, first stop was 3 Savile Row, site of the Beatles self-owned record label "Apple Records" and of the famous rooftop concert in January 1969, which turned out to be the band's final live performance as a group.

The synth puts you in front of the building, you can look up and down the street, walk up to the sidewalk, look left, right, up, and then you can walk right up to the doorway and look at all the detail and graffiti that marks up the doorjam.

Thanks and would love to know your thoughts
clickclickboom (Over 1 year ago)
I like it looked cool coming out the door,made me feel like I was realy there.