Topic: Photosynth---HELP

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Been trying for ten days to get this #%!@#%!@thing to "work." I've seen all the ads and promos--nothing seem successful.
Will someone--anyone--PLEASE HELP ME at At this point I am extremely frustrated. My wife has also tried it; she couldn't get it to function. We seemingly cannot get to the home page or the program page, or the How to do it page.
KrisWood (Over 1 year ago)
What web browser and operating system are you using? That'd be the place I'd start for troubleshooting. Currently the program only works on Windows XP and Vista. If you are using a Mac, Linux, or an older version of Windows I'm afraid you'll be out of luck on this one. If you are using XP or Vista make sure your windows update is current. Lastly some browsers may have difficulty with the site, I'm not sure though. I find it works best in IE7 for me so far, though it also functions in the latest Firefox.

Hope that helps!
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Hello Al,

Sorry, you're having problems, but I've replied to your emails twice... I hope you've received them.

The more details you can provide the easier it is to help.  What operating system are you using?  What web browser?

What pages aren't specifically working?  I'm not sure why the forums would be working for you, but not the homepage.