Topic: Showcase Your Best Synths & Photos ---HERE---

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liables117 (Over 1 year ago)
make links and then see whose is better!
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
CRIPES that's pretty country.  MAN I miss big stands of pine trees like that.

I don't know how competitive my synths are, considering all my favorite synths aren't ones I made, but I'll toss one up:

It's the final synth I did of the Kiholo Bay Inlet, and is easily the most "on purpose" synth I've done to date (hey, only took me three tries to get it right!)

I love my beaches, but I swear I could smell the pine and that snap of cold air in the one you posted, liables117.  Keep 'em coming!


P.S.  My favorite synth is still Martello Tower: Inside and Out