Topic: Photosynth for iPhone examples

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RSPCAmacclesfield (Over 1 year ago)

Here are some Photosynth iPhone app test shots of Mow Cop Castle, Staffs, UK in different conditions. This place has a breathtaking view -  search 'Mow Cop, staffs' on Bing Maps. Taken using 3GS

Test 1: Clear blue sky, hazy horizon:
+ Clear close up, captures detail in rocks & floor detail.
- Quality diminishes with distance, not able to take in sky.  

Test 2: Sunny with patches of cloud, clear horizon
+ Can take more of sky as matches up with clouds,
- close up not as clear
I found it difficult to line up horizon (tips welcome).

Test 3: Sunset
+ Captures & stitches colours really well, edges are pretty sharp
- pixelated in shadowy areas

Here is a HD video:

Please add your iPhone shots & tips below.