Topic: View around the building

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michael_ulyanov (Over 1 year ago)
Hi all! How to make an image around the building? What options should be used in Microsoft ICE. How do I enable the option in the playback is parorame?Thank you.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Greetings, Michael Ulyanov,

I am not certain that I understand what you wish to accomplish. 

ICE does create a panorama, however a panorama is only a bubble of photography from a single perspective. If you wish for the camera to move all the way around a building, only a photosynth will be able to handle the camera movement - not a panorama. 

If I am not understanding your question, please write back and help me understand.
michael_ulyanov (Over 1 year ago)
I want to walk around the building and take photographs.
WaldosDigitalWorld (Over 1 year ago)
Hi michael_ulyanov,
     Watch the how to shoot photos for Photosynth video  this will get you started.  
Also save a copy of the Photosynth guide PDF, this will be most helpful. Guide v8.pdf  
Don’t be discouraged if you cannot achieve 100% synthy. This will take a lot of trial and error to accomplish.  Take a look at my first attempt at making a Photosynth of the Saratoga Monument.
After several attempts, and hundreds of photos I’ve still only achieved 61% synthy.
                                                 Good Luck. Waldos Digital World
WaldosDigitalWorld (Over 1 year ago)
Broken link to PDF guide, click here. Guide v8.pdf
WaldosDigitalWorld (Over 1 year ago)
OK that won't work, you can find the Photosynth Guide PDF on the help page.
PicoDeGalla (Over 1 year ago)
I think this guy is asking a question that I too am interested in doing but his English seems limited.  What if you want to create a panoramic that goes around an object looking in, instead of looking out.  So that the panoramic would appear to go around a 3 dimensional object instead of appear to just spin around in circles.  Would that be possible?  I would think you would need a blue screen and a very textured object sitting on a lazy Susan, I have neither the blue screen nor handy Lazy Susan but I would love to see someone try.  Good Luck