Topic: Here's my best/favorite pano from 2012.

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dvdhns (Over 1 year ago)
#1 Finch Lake -The weeds look interesting so I decided to pano it anyway.  It would have been a near perfect pano except for I hit the zoom button without realizing it about 7/8 through the pano.  Even so, it is my faviorate pano yet -

#2 Chasm View - Not the best pano, but it was a great view the heights were just a bit freaky.  I won't go up there alone again.

#3 Blue Lake - My 10 year old and I hiked several miles up to this alpine Lake.  Very proud of her for making it up.  

#4 Sawtooth Mountain Summit - This mountain is so awesome Lefthand Brewing named they flagship beer after it-
dvdhns (Over 1 year ago)
#5 King Lake Pass - This is what the Contential Divide looked like on election day.

#6 Lawn Lake - I really like the blending of the water/sand/cloud-reflection.

#7 Hutchingson Lake - My decision to go off-trail was a bad one.  I salvaged it by taking this pano.

#8 Longs Peak Keyhole - Just a better pano than the others.

#9 Devils Tower - Any pano of the tower is a good one.

#10 Bullock Hotel, Deadwood - The real deal.