Topic: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

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GigaView (Over 1 year ago)
Hello Photosynth community,

Recently, Google unveiled its Art Project for fine art museums around the world, and it is a very cool combined use of 360 panoramas and select gigapixel images of some pieces.  I submit my recent work at my local museum for comparison on both resources needed and quality of user experience basis.
This virtual tour of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry using ultra-high resolution (.2 gigapixel) 360x180 degree panoramic images.  There are 42 images in the tour featuring the museums two main exhibits; Design Zone & Lost Egypt, the USS Blueback fast attack submarine, OmniMax/IMAX Theater, the Science Store, and the museum's main halls.

As far as I know, OMSI is the first location to have 360 panoramas of its interior available via street-level imagery in Bing Maps StreetSide

On the iPhone,get it @ Pixeet360 app - VMMBPLB
GigaView (Over 1 year ago)
Online at Photosynth & Bing Maps - the user can zoom into to read the text of most exhibits as well as absorb the context of the exhibit space.

On the Pixeet app, the user can click through the images, which are hotspot linked to one another, with a killer navigation experience. 

This project took one person two full days to shoot and two weeks worth of processing, annotating, and uploading.

I think the user-experience (even without much needed upgrades) compares well to the Google Art Project effort with a real reduction of resources required.
MymsMan (Over 1 year ago)
You are right to be proud of your achievement, well done.

If photosynth were upgraded to provide direct linking from one panorama to another it would be even better.
It is a pity the slideshow button is missing from these panoramas.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I'm with MymsMan on this. Thomas, great work (as always).

MymsMan, I agree with you that the play button should appear in embedded synths and panos on Bing Maps. Although this is too obscure for the average Bing Maps user, you can get around this by using the [1] key on your keyboard after you touch the synth or pano with your mouse to begin playing the slideshow, just as you can here on the site.

For a full listing of keyboard shortcuts, please refer to the last pages of the Photosynth Photography Guide: