Topic: How can I share my work

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michael_ulyanov (Over 1 year ago)
Hello! How can I share my work with friends and how they will be able to view my work?
WaldosDigitalWorld (Over 1 year ago)
Hi , michael_ulyanov,
     Select the Photosynth or Panorama you wish to share. At the bottom of the viewer window you’ll see a dark gray title bar.  On the right hand side click Share, You will see the URL for this view.  Right click the blue highlighted link then click copy.  This copies the link to your clipboard.  Now open your Email, start a new message.  Right click in the message area and select paste.  This copies the URL as a Hyperlink.  (Blue Text Underlined)  Do not type next to the Hyperlink without entering a space.  Send the Email to anyone you wish to share your Photosynth with.  If your friend’s do not have Microsoft’s HD viewer installed on their browser they will be prompted to install this plug-in. 
                           Good Luck, WaldosDigitalWorld
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Michael, 

WaldosDigitalWorld's advice is good. 

You can also give people the link to your profile:

Or you can copy the link in the address bar when you click on one of your synths or panoramas from your profile if you just want to link someone to the beginning of the synth or panorama like this:

The 'Share' links are special because they will add a bunch of virtual camera coordinates on the end of the synth's or pano's URL so that whatever you were zoomed in on or whatever photo you were looking at in a synth will be what loads when someone clicks the 'Share' link. 

One thing about 'Share' links, though, is that they are so long that some sites will chop part of them off, which will load the camera looking in the wrong direction.