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Reecelander (Over 1 year ago)
do you think photosynth is confusing for begginers
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Some people seem to understand it faster than others. It took me a while to understand the sort of detail that Photosynth wanted in order to make a good point cloud and make good strong matches between groups of photos.

I see that you've latched onto the 'panorama' style with a vengeance. =] 

You actually came really close to finding its true potential with your 'Pot' synth ( ). You just chose a really difficult subject to get to work (between the shiny glass table, shiny pot, and blurry background Photosynth didn't know what to do with it).

I would strongly encourage you to try the same technique you tried with the pot but with a less shiny subject. I saw some wooden posts in your garden that have been painted green with a bit of peeling paint, a wooden lattice in the garden, and some brick walls that should show you a little more of what Photosynth is capable of.

Let us know how it goes!