Topic: Digital Narratives (Interactive)

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msririn (Over 1 year ago)
In the past there has been discussions of being able to tell stories using Photosynth technology. I even recall having posted a note regarding Sri Andal narrative that we had handstitched and showcased the power of Photosynth.However, I was unable to share that beyond a video.

Since then we have worked on building a platform that attempts to enable building and experiencing digital content in an interactive manner. Today, we have been able to deliver 4 narratives viewable by the world over the internet.

2 of these (Ladakh and Hampi) leverage the Photosynth Experience as part of story telling, and at any time you can click and interact with the content, just as you do today on any synth.

Check it out: or

We are very excited and hope to continue our work in this direction. Be vocal about your experience, get the Facebook and Twitter engines running :-)
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
Allow me to be the first to say: cool!

I'll watch your videos and so forth, and then comment again, but I gotta say it looks very professional and well-constructed.  Nice work  :)
Eldonedw (Over 1 year ago)
I thoroughly enjoyed these narratives.
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
I ran into this because on the following reference on the Ps2 forum.

I wonder what has happened with this work since this thread was started.