Topic: Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple (help to vote)

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paulcsc (Over 1 year ago)

My friends and I took part in the Student category of Photo360, a competition to create a Synth of Singapore attraction sites using Microsoft Photosynth. 
Here’s our PhotoSynth on Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple –

Please help to vote this synth for the Student category’s Voters Choice Award, and give your comments, so that we can improve in our future synths. Voting open till 19th May 2010 (Wed). Thank you!

Here's how to vote:
 - click on the URL above.
 - sign in with your Windows Live ID (e.g. MSN or Hotmail) at the top right.
 - click on the star-shaped button "Add to Favorites" at the bottom right of the synth to vote.

Currently the top Student entry is standing at 200 plus votes. We stand at 48 votes. Please help to "favorite" our synth now. Many thanks!