Topic: Bathtub Rock and Moonscape, San Diego

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charliewallace (Over 1 year ago)
These are the second and third synths of the day. Bathtub Rock has about 419 shots and is 97% synthy.  The cliff face really is nicely delineated by the point cloud, as is "Bathtub Rock" which juts out into the sea.  Lots of spinnable views:
Torrey Pines State Reserve and Beach is north of La Jolla, CA.  It's home to one of the rarest species of pine tree in the US. This synth builds out the beach below the Beath Trail synth I posted earlier today of the trail leading down the cliff, which can be found here: 
The Moonscape has 280 shots and is 100% synthy. It features the eroded landscape at the south end of the park:

Three synths in a day!  1100 shots in one hike!  Wow!

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

   Charlie Wallace