Topic: publishing synth

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bigsoup (Over 1 year ago)
Could someone help out a synth newbie? How long does the "publish synth" step last? I tried to create two new synths today. The publish step seemed to hang. There was no difference in the step status for approx 30 minutes. Finally, I shut the dialog box. I can't find either synth off my home page. Should I have just left the dialog open?
se74fds (Over 1 year ago)
This happens to me too if I use the original pictures... it just hangs on "publishing synth".

I have to resize the pictures to a lower resolution and then it works... bizarre.
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
You might want to try synthing the same photos again without resizing.  You'll want to force the files to upload again.  To do this, use Windows Live Photo Gallery, select all the pictures you want to synth again, and add a new tag to them.  This changes the file enough so that it will be uploaded again.