Topic: Looking for Photo to 3D model info

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Jay3 (Over 1 year ago)
I was looking for software that could take 2 or more digital photos and turn them into a reasonably accurate 3D model (ideally with a calibration feature which could be used when there is something of known length in the photo.) This would be for outdoor structures (e.g. houses) not for small objects.  Perhaps a pair of photos each of, say, the NW corner and the SE corner of a house that could be stitched together to make a single 3D model. Needs to be something that can be done quickly, so it could be repeated for many different houses.  (The models would be loaded into a shading program to evaluate the house roof's solar energy shading geometry.)  Is anyone out there familiar with sources of photo-to-3D-model software that could handle this?
Kjellis85 (Over 1 year ago)
You could look into ARC3D (, which is free, but for that sort of calibration I'm not sure that would suffice. Another option would be, which is a professional option, but this is quite expensive.
ThreeDSheep (Over 1 year ago)
I too am looking for a good close range photogrammetry application and  actually purchased PhotoModeler Scanner a while back.
Yes, it is very expensive. Unfortunately after spending a lot of time working with it trying to create 3D models I was very dissappointed with the results and returned it for a partial refund. My opinion was that PhotoModeler was targeted at the crime scene recreation market as the primary target audience and the other segments like 3D modeling for film and animation etc. were secondary and somewhat less important to them right now.  The current version seems to be based on very old source code and the interface along with the platform support is getting very out of date. For automation it still uses DDE, which any of you programmers in the crowd may recall is long out of date.

PhotoModeler Scanner showed some potential but didn't meet my needs and did not seem truely ready for prime time at this point.