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bronekkozka (Over 1 year ago)
Looking at a lot of the synth I have seen they are generally what I would call informative, they take an area or location and build up a visual description of that area that can be navigated. Is anyone here using photosynth in a more narrative way? , using it to tell a story...along the lines of tableau photography?


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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If there's someone out there who's mastering or mastered the art of the narrative synth I haven't found them yet (sadly).

One important thing to note if this is how you intend to shoot and present your synths is that, provided your synth is 100% synthy (or close), you switch the slideshow order after the synth is completed from the default spatial order to filename order, using the 'Edit Synth and Highlights' button.

If someone has not set their synth up this way but you wish to view it in the order that it was shot, you can use the [.] key to step forward and [,] key to step backwards in time.

These don't tell a story per se, but they certainly follow a chronological sequence of events.

I'll keep an eye out for better examples. Will this be what you work towards perfecting?
bronekkozka (Over 1 year ago)
If you do find them i'd be interested, I have one on my website is the Project Space section of the site. I will experiment with the file order option, not sure if that will suit my work, as it is more spacial with a narrative contained with in.

Regards Bronek
One small note: if you have a synth that you want to proceed in time order when somebody hits the play button, there is a setting on the edit planel to order your photos by filename. Most cameras numerically sequence their shots, so if you haven't renamed them you should get them in time order using this setting.
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
This is a seriously cool concept.  I wish I had a narrative synth to share, but I don't.  To be honest I'd never thought of using Photosynth that way.  So thanks for the bonk on the head and the subsequent wake-up call.  Now you've got my gears whizzing trying to figure out how I would want to do something like that.

I've done one or two synths that more or less follow a chronology (good descriptive name, Nathaniel).  Hikes, mostly.  But nothing following what I would call a narrative.

I do think it would take a very conscious effort while photographing the synth to be able to do this.  I get the feeling it would require a different approach than what I'm used to doing.  Good case in point: in one of my synths someone mentioned that I hadn't taken any pictures that let the viewer get back OUT of a place.  But in a narrative synth that's what you'd want!  The viewer must be drawn into the story, not given the option to escape.

Cool idea!

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Bronek, it seems that what you're after is more of a (forgive my limited palette of artistic recognition) Norman Rockwell type approach, but given space as a medium. Certainly the atmosphere you work to create is dramatically different as well, but the type of piece seems to be similar.

What other photographers would you say have informed your work that I should be aware of while I explore your work?
bronekkozka (Over 1 year ago)
Jeff Wall, Crewdson, Tom Hunter, Lise Safarti, Hannah Starkey, David Lynch, Bill Henson, painters, John Brack!!!,  Ed Hopper, Halinka Orszulok..thats some of them...

Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks, I'll take a look.
Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
Just a thought but..
For a sequence of events one idea (using the available tools) would be to usethe highlights navigate through a time ordered sequence.  Not overly artistic but I'm thinking of a family photo album shot months/years apart with the date in the photo, grey hair creeping in etc.  For example photos in the same house, stitched together over time with the features of the room holding it together and maybe a calendar on the wall..

Same principal could be applied to create a sequence in a staged fashion for a more arty project though..  Maybe I'll buy that textured wallpaper now..

(I've just written a post on new uses for photosynth and it fits with this in a tenuous way;
AjayMa (Over 1 year ago)
We have attempted to create narratives or stories using different typess of digital content (videos, audio, images...), and one such digital media element we have used is Photosynth. Here is a video -

We are yet to make the actual interactive narrative available over the web, we are working on this. We are also trying to create an authoring environment to enable enthusiasts create the same