Topic: I'm such an idiot

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dvdhns (Over 1 year ago)
Just venting.  I hope others can relate.

Most of the winter I spent building a lightweight pan-tilt head I could use for creating panos while hiking.  The first real test worked out well (still needed some work)

My first real try was last weekend. Planned a good spot, packed the gear.  Noticed the photo memory card was 1/2 full(empty) from the last test, so I decided to take them off before heading out.  Headed out (40min drive), hiked (1hr), scrambled up the rock(scary), setup gear(what a pain)... and realized the camera was still sitting on the desk because I forgot to pack the camera back up after removing the photos (Nooo!).  

All I had was my iPhone, so I used the photosynth app  You can see my 10' pan-tilt pole laying there ready for my camera.  I'm thinking the pano would have be around 1.5 gigapixes. Next time..