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ajvanloon (Over 1 year ago)
Hi guys (and girls, of course),
On the 2 panoramas I've uploaded, I can see how may times the link to the panorama has been opened. But this doesn't tell me how many different people were curious after these pictures. Therefore I wonder, is there a way to see (for instance) the numbe of different adresses from where the panoram has been opened? Or maybe there are other possibilities with a comparable result?
Thanx in advance
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Not to my knowledge. In fact, that view count even goes up each time you view it, yourself, while signed into your own account.

From a now-invisible part of a thread on the old Get Satisfaction forum: 

DOSman!	2008 08 29 02:13				Can you make it not count our own visits when we're logged in and viewing our own synths?
Shane	2008 08 29 03:20				Yes, I totally agree. Wish I knew how many were me, and how many are actually others. The way it is now could lead to people artificially increasing views.
Andrew	2008 09 05 22:36				That would be great!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
David Gedye	2008 08 29 05:06				"We considered this, but in my informal surveys many people don't log in every time they view, so even if we did this, we'd also be counting some or most of the views that people did of their own synths. I concluded that we can't (easily) track other people's views, so I decided to relax about the view count and if somebody wants to sit and hit refresh on their page 100 times, more power to them! 

What we really need -- as many people have said -- is a stars or favorites feature, so we can measure how many people thought a synth was worthy of attention. It's on the list."