Topic: Fuzzy images in periphery

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mikecox_ (Over 1 year ago)
I just dl'd the 3D viewer and have been looking at the examples of people efforts at making 3D presentations.
In the example on the website, there is a large group of people sitting around in a tight group, and all the images are in sharp focus.
In the examples on the site most of the images are fuzzy, except for one. All the images around the one in focus are fuzzy, even though they look like they would fit perfectly into the one image that is in focus.
Can someone explain why the example looks like one large, focused, image while the contributions only have on image in focus and don't look like one, in focus, image like the example? 
Is it just technique?  That the example was done by a "pro"?'
How do you create a 3D image that displays like the example?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
What example are you referring to? All the pictures of synths on the 'About' page match real synths - showing the current photo highlighted and its neighbors dimmed.

This is because Photosynth honors individual photos for what they are. It doesn't try to make all the photos into one solid image; it treasures them as they are. If you wanted one solid view made from multiple photos, all the photos need to be taken from one point of view - in fact for that sort of panorama not even the camera lens should move if you wanted a good quality panorama. By contrast Photosynth needs people to move all around an object and because of how light works, it is nearly impossible to line everything up along the edge of a photo - at least you would need to do some fairly heavy distorting to line up every object on the edges of the current photo.

To be sure Photosynth is still growing up and has room to improve but there are reasons why keeping the surrounding photos dark is right.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you're talking about the synth of group shots of the team that made the first version of Photosynth, you should realise that they are actually holding physical frames designed to look like the white quads that outline other photos in a synth.

Also, if you give a photo time to load, all the photos you see  on your screen at that point should be clear (not 'fuzzy') even though only the centre one will be lit up.
mikecox_ (Over 1 year ago)
Yes, I was referring to the Group shots of the team.  

I don't understand the explanation; have to read up on what it means to be "holding physical frames" and what "White Quads" are.

I did think I waited for the photos to load, but I'll try again; to make sure.

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry to not be clear. I just meant that they were posing (just for fun) with some props that resemble parts of the Photosynth interface like the green halo that appears (in the original Direct3D viewer) when you get to a group of photos that were taken in a circle around an object; also they were holding white rectangular frames that look like the white frames (quads) that appear around the edges of photos in Photosynth. It wasn't meant to show what a real synth looks like... only to be fun and so that anyone looking at the photos could tell that it was the Photosynth team.

Basically if you posed with some coworkers after completing a big project you might grab some of the tools of your trade to hold or stand next to but the team standing next to a bunch of computers wouldn't have meant much unless you already knew who they were so they brought some things to hold that look like Photosynth graphics.