Topic: how to save my synth

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kimyusu (Over 1 year ago)
i make synth.

this is my synth:
<iframe frameborder="0" src="" width="500" height="300"></iframe>

how to save the file?
jimcseke (Over 1 year ago)
Try to be more specific. What do you mean by saving the file? 

Your synth is saved by photosynth until you delete it on your page. If you want to change certain details of your synth and save those changes, you must click the " edit " button when you view you synth. Then you can save any changes you make when you edit it. As far as saving your synth onto your harddrive to have as a file seperate from photosynth, I am not sure you can do this. 
There might be a way, but I am not qualified to say if there is or not. 

I think it would help if you asked exactly how you want to save the file and I am sure that someone will be able to answer your question.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Panoramas that you create with ICE can be viewed offline or online with HDView.
Photosynths are not intended to be viewed offline. 

That said, here are four helpful tools which will save a synth's point cloud(s), camera coordinates, and (in the last two cases) photos.

SynthExport by Christoph Hausner:

BrowsePhotosynth by Kean Walmsley:

PhotosynthToolkit by Henri Astre:

MeshLab 1.3.0 or later:

As far as viewing the data offline, once you've saved it, you can use multiple 3D modeling programs to view the point clouds. 

No one has showed me how to use the official synth viewers, but Henri Astre includes his Ogre3D viewer with his PhotosynthToolkit and you may also want to check out Rahul Budhiraja's OpenGL SynthViewer (point clouds only): from his Kinectynth project: