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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Has anyone noticed a trend in Recently Synthed, the past 3 days? Is there some equestrian holiday or sporting event that I am unaware of? It ends up that of the last 500 synths uploaded at the time of this writing over 13% of those synths (66 total from 44 different accounts) are horse related in their title or thumbnail.

Check this out:

9/14/2009	Starry Night Horse	by	drn2359
9/14/2009	Horse_1	by	bymattkelly
9/14/2009	Mike Horse	by	michaelrhoda
9/14/2009	If Arwen was riding a Horse on Parade	by	dccircuit
9/14/2009	Margaret's House Horse Synth	by	mapitgirl
9/14/2009	Margaret's Horse	by	a.pitkin
9/14/2009	Horse2	by	rootie172
9/14/2009	Picture the Horses	by	EmDeeEm
9/14/2009	PTI Parade Of Horses "Copper Beech" - East Av	by	Paula_And_Alexandra
9/14/2009	Horses on Parade	by	missinglynk
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
9/14/2009	Margaret's House @ RIT	by	hfljazzguy
9/14/2009	number 1	by	ltaksen
9/14/2009	PTI_Horse_4_JJJ	by	Crikey_Booya
9/14/2009	horse2	by	Mayday607
9/14/2009	horse	by	Mayday607
9/14/2009	Horses on parade at frontier field	by	carolinem064
9/14/2009	Horse on Parade	by	klesko86
9/14/2009	horse1	by	sheba
9/14/2009	Ohio State Horse Shoe	by	Alex.McCracken
9/13/2009	horse	by	inure
9/13/2009	Horses on Parade Look-Alike on University	by	Corky1023
9/13/2009	Pegasus_2	by	ems7991
9/13/2009	pink horse	by	fruccidesign
9/13/2009	Horse1	by	rootie172
9/13/2009	horse	by	carolinem064
9/13/2009	Rochester Horses on Parade-Maplewood Nursing Home	by	jknapp
9/13/2009	Mercury_2	by	ems7991
9/13/2009	Horses on Parade: "Chubby"	by	Corky1023
9/13/2009	Rochester Horses on Parade-Maplewood Nursing Home	by	jknapp
9/13/2009	Horses on Parade, Rochester NY, Pegasus	by	jackman
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
9/13/2009	barn yard	by	eah
9/13/2009	Picture The Horses	by	talikan
9/13/2009	Picture the Horses - Horseshoe	by	dtrabjohns
9/13/2009	University Ave Horse	by	jacobarber
9/13/2009	PTI Horse	by	jmink
9/13/2009	Horses On Parade	by	tadgeobrien
9/13/2009	HighTop_Horse	by	knuttyrf
9/13/2009	Picture the Horses - Sal	by	dtrabjohns
9/13/2009	BRMS	by	minksterella
9/13/2009	bccr horse	by	steinmiller
9/13/2009	horse	by	urbangrandma
9/13/2009	Stars and Stripes	by	Beautymama
9/13/2009	Adrienne and Horse	by	michaelrhoda
9/13/2009	Hope the Horse	by	natekane
9/13/2009	HopeHorse	by	firelilly
9/13/2009	school horse	by	fruccidesign
9/13/2009	rudi horse	by	fruccidesign
9/13/2009	See The Stars	by	rsyzygy
9/13/2009	1	by	chefjack2887
9/13/2009	1	by	chefjack2887
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
9/13/2009	943 south horse	by	fruccidesign
9/13/2009	1	by	chefjack2887
9/13/2009	strong	by	fruccidesign
9/13/2009	wease horse	by	sharylrock
9/13/2009	Collage Horse	by	ems7991
9/13/2009	Pegasus RMSC	by	ems7991
9/13/2009	Horses on Parade 2001	by	sdk7327
9/12/2009	Mercury (combined)	by	jtp1317
9/12/2009	Mercury	by	jtp1317
9/12/2009	Horses on Parade, Rochester NY, Blue Bayou	by	jackman
9/12/2009	Horse on Parade for Picture the Impossible 2009	by	theyus
9/12/2009	Flossie	by	jtp1317
9/12/2009	Horse on Parade	by	AvonPaintball
9/12/2009	Breast Cancer Coalition Horse	by	Beautymama
9/12/2009	Horses on Parade: "Horse of a Different Color"	by	Corky1023
9/12/2009	horse	by	fruccidesign
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
66 Horse synths in three days... something's going on...
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
It's an "alternate reality game":
Scott (Over 1 year ago)
We'll feature some of the winners on our home page, once this part of the contest is judged.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
It seems like you've stumbled across something very effective in terms of generating synths. Hopefully it doesn't get so much press that it can't be repeated.
Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
The competition is done and we've updated the homepage with the 4 winners as well as a few other horsey synths!